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About Us

About Us

RealFood is about the community taking responsibility for its own food.


We have been supplying weekly food boxes to families around Cairns Region for the past 5 years. A generous selection of strictly local grown fruit, vegetables and herbs are sourced from farms between Bloomfield and Innisfail. The seasonal nature of our business has meant that the most loyal customers have learned to cook primarily with the ingredients offered in our region (which is abundant).


This is the crux of RealFood Network. We are a social enterprise aiming to change the behaviour of modern food consumption which has become far too reliant on industrial methods and practices which degrade the overall quality of the food we eat.


When you shop with RealFood or subscribe to our food box, you can be assured that you are eating 100% local.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To develop a 'restorative business practice' based on consideration of the long-term costs and implication of the current industrial paradigm and how a local food economy might serve as a catalyst for change.


To provide local families a consistent and reliable source of the most nutritional fresh food, exclusively from local farmers.



To connect families, particularly young people, with the source of their food. Instilling and developing an understanding of social and environmental implications of current, past and possible future production and consumptive paradigms.

To build and otherwise support relevant educative and hands-on environmental, agricultural and social programs at and outside of Redlynch State College.

Family Benefit

Having a consistent weekly access to strictly local, recently harvested fresh produce is a real benefit to families. It saves food miles and money. We have documented comments from parents that the dinner-time conversation is often around the health, taste, nutritional, political, social and environmental issues surrounding food production in Australia in general and FNQ specifically.

Farmer Benefit

Farmers have traditionally been 'price takers.' They accept what the large retailers offer. Otherwise they don't get the contract. One of many unique aspects of our relationship with our farmers and subscribers is that we pay the farmer's asking price and this policy is supported by our subscribers. If the farmers gain, we all gain. And if the farmers lose, we all lose.

Community Benefit

Healthy rural communities require a healthy farm sector - particularly small farms. By developing relationships between farmers and the urban community, we facilitate a mutual understanding of a local food economy and the importance of small farms, environmentally sound farm management practices and paying a fair price for our food.

About Us

RealFood Network is a year round local food market and box delivery service located in Cairns, QLD Australia.

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