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May 06, 2015

By Gail Sedorkin

In a twist to the usual supply chain, Chris Gloor actually asks farmers how much they would like to be paid for their produce.


“We ask how much farmers need to be paid to make it worth their while – we pay what the farmers ask,” he says.


The managing director of RealFood Network (RFN), Chris says one farmer was very conservative in what he was asking.


“So I said, ‘what if we paid you twice that?’ and we will bring the boxes back to you so there’s no cost there.


“He couldn’t quite believe what I was saying,” Chris recalled.


“It is the farmers who are enabling us to run RFN, so it’s important to be fair and ­ethical.”


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RealFood Network is a year round local food market and box delivery service located in Cairns, QLD Australia.

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