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Get Into The Box

The absolute Best way to support your Local Food Network is by "getting into the box".

You pay in advance so we can commit to the farmers a certain minimum order of produce each week. With the food boxes you truly strengthen the backbone of RealFood Network.

Together with a half dozen volunteers we pull it off every week to deliver food to 100 families across the region.

Buy from us at Rustys Markets

Shop local first!

It's easy, seasonal and meaningful. Learn where your  food comes from by seeing us at our Rusty's stall.

We live in a biodiversity rich part of the world and are lucky to have the wide range of fruit and vegetables in our backyard.

Tell your friends what's on your plate and start the conversation about our local food economy.

Become a RealFood Host or Node

We deliver a group of food boxes to Nodes each Thursday and that is where you can collect your box. Nodes include schools, private homes, work places or community centres. New Nodes mean new RealFood Hubs in new locations, allowing more people to hear about the RealFood box.

Being a box Node comes with some more responsibility than just having us dropping off 10 boxes at your door, but it is easy and rewarding.


We are very keen to expand the Realfood Network steadily across the region enabling more families to experience the benefits of our shared services.


Come and volunteer with us to taste what we are doing.

About Us

RealFood Network is a year round local food market and box delivery service located in Cairns, QLD Australia.

Rusty's Opening Hours

Friday - 5am - 6pm

Saturday - 5am - 6pm

Sunday - 5am - 3pm

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Cairns, Queensland 4870

0414 608 234


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